The National EMP Network engages and supports self-defined emerging museum professionals in building vibrant, equitable, and inclusive communities of networking, collaborative practice, and exchange.

Since becoming a nonprofit organization, we have not launched an official fundraising campaign. So, in addition to applying for grants, seeking sponsorships, and our board members making a voluntary financial contribution, we are asking for your help. We realize that a good portion of our community is underpaid and overworked, but for those of us that can donate, every dollar will go directly towards lifting up our community in every way that we can. 

Our core purpose for fundraising is to “walk the walk”. Alongside advocating for salary transparency and paid internships, we pay our guest speakers and providing ways for institutions to develop equitable programs. Alongside offering opportunities for professional development, we hope to be providing scholarships and stipends to EMPs across our community in the near future. Alongside building a community of local chapters that provide important professional and social meet ups, we hope to be offering our chapters a wide variety of resources made possible through these contributions. 

The National EMP Network is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax exempt to the full extent allowable by law.