There is an abundance of conversations happening within the field regarding diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion, but we would like to recognize the need for action. Our Advocacy Committee manages ongoing initiatives.

Active Initiatives

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI)

Following the work on the Statements Committee, the goal of this subcommittee was to work towards DEAI principles and practices. Learn more about this initiative.

End Unpaid Internships

Self Care

NEMPN’s Self-Care Committee aims to help EMPs become more aware of their emotional, mental, physical, and social needs and learn about self-care practices they can adopt to address these needs. Although prioritizing self-care may sound like common sense, taking care of ourselves often falls to the bottom of the list when we find ourselves in challenging or stressful situations – such as bad health, financial trouble, unemployment, divorce, or even a pandemic! However, when we encounter challenging times is usually when we need to prioritize self-care the most. We are committed to serving EMPs with different perspectives and from all different backgrounds. Learn more about this initiative.

Legacy Initiatives

Museum Studies Accreditation (2016-2019)

We initiated a growing list of museum studies programs in the United States of America. We also partnered with Museum Masters Review to start a critical discussion about Museum Studies programs.

Salary Transparency (2016-2019)

Currently the common practice has been non-disclosure of salary ranges or hourly rates for museum jobs. Many organizations believe disclosing pay will limit the interest of potential talent, compromise their ability to negotiate for a salary range they can fit into their budget, or cause distress among current employees regarding pay disclosure. All of these concerns, though far from sympathetic, are actually counter productive. Extensive articles from Human Resource professionals and organizations have been written with supporting data that demonstrate how including salary on job postings saves time for both the hiring team and the candidates and typically results in better fits for the organization’s internal culture. We worked with 43 museum associations to support the adoption of salary transparency policies on their job boards, Learn more about this initiative.

Statements (2020-2021)

This committee was convened to work on drafting new Mission, Vision, and Values Statements as well as a Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) Statement for the National EMP Network. This goal of this subcommittee was to create and publicize statements that clearly define what the mission of this organization is, what our vision is for this community in the future, what core values we share and what DEAI principles and practices we will act upon. Learn more about this initiative.