Start a Chapter

Each Chapter of The National EMP Network was started by an EMP just like you! Individuals who desired to connect with peers and share resources, and maybe hang out. By becoming a part of NEMPN, you are strengthening the growing community of support among museum professionals.

If no EMP chapter already exists in your area, you may consider starting your own EMP chapter. Starting an EMP chapter is an undertaking that should not be taken lightly, as it will take time and effort for an EMP chapter to succeed. NEMPN leadership is here to make sure that your chapter receives all of the support it needs to grow and thrive.


As you begin to flesh out your ideas for your chapter, please remember these important tips and nuggets of advice!

Don’t go it alone.

The museum field is HUGE and the EMP community overflows with interested folks who want to connect with one another. You do not have to go through the chapter development process alone. Talk to EMPs in your workplace, network, or local community. If you haven’t been able to find anyone else to support you in the development of your chapter, connect with your Regional Director as they can help you find the support of a mentoring chapter, help put out a call for support, and more. 

Connect with the Regional Director before embarking on your journey.

This point leads from the first point. Your Regional Director is here to help you. They live in your region, work in your region, and they are invested in making sure that your region is supporting any interested EMP. Even if it ends up that creating a chapter is not the best thing for your community, your Regional Director can connect you with another chapter or connect you with a state or regional organization that may be a good fit for your interests. If a chapter exists or is inactive, your Regional Director will be able to help you reactivate it!

Be unique.

No two chapters are the same, and each chapter is unique to its community. There is no model that is “one-size-fits-all”. Try a few things out and see what works for your group! 

Don’t get discouraged.

Creating a healthy community is hard work. Sometimes a chapter is created at the perfect moment and people are eager to convene and connect. Sometimes it is just not the right time for a chapter. People may be overwhelmed by the other things going on and may not be interested in connecting with others at that time. We are still an open community, even if you don’t start or belong to a chapter.