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We are looking for volunteers to serve on NEMPN committees! These committees, along with the NEMPN Board, are essential to making the National Emerging Museum Professional Network an incredible support network for EMPs across the world.

Please review the descriptions for the committees below: you may apply to one committee of interest. Each committee will have a different time commitment depending on the project being taken on and agreed upon collectively by the committee. We are looking at approximately 5-7 hours a month but it could be more or less! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sierra Polisar and Sierra Van Ryck deGroot, Co-Presidents, at

Apply for a committee via this Google Form. We currently have five committees looking for members:

Advocacy Committee: Hey EMPs- Feeling overworked? Under-resourced? Undervalued? The NEMPN Advocacy Committee is here to help. This year the Advocacy Committee will be working on three worthy tasks: eliminating unpaid internships, crafting NEMPN’s mission/vision/values page, and supporting EMP Self-Care needs. Together we can change museum culture, but we need your help. Those who advocate must collaborate, and we need your creativity, determination, and pure awesomeness to get our projects off the ground. Join our Advocacy Committee and help us change the industry, one project at a time.

Communications Committee: NEMPN is renovating its communications strategy for 2021: we want our web presence to be as creative, resourceful, and exciting as the EMPs we support! In the new year, we’re re-launching our newsletter, redesigning our website, and growing our social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram to make sure we provide updates, resources, and events for museum professionals nationwide. The NEMPN Communications Committee is looking for writers, graphic designers, social media savvy people, and anybody else who’s interested in promoting the amazing work of EMPs and their chapters across our network. Join us and let’s get started!

Finance and Fundraising Committee: The Board of Directors of the National Emerging Museum Professionals Network (NEMPN) has big goals this year to better serve and impact our community! Sick of only finding unpaid internship work? Tired of feeling like you don’t have the resources to advocate for yourself in the museum world? We are seeking Finance Committee members to help create and carry out a Fund Development Plan for the 2020-2021 year. We hope to use this plan to get advocacy initiatives off the ground, and provide more value overall to NEMPN. NEMPN is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Apply today to be a part of this Fundraising Committee!

Community Committee: We’re so excited to be starting a new chapter in the book that is NEMPN, part of which includes the formation of a Community Committee. We’re looking for EMPs in all locations to join the Community Committee to help with the following: Assessing what parts of our EMP network need support and how we can help provide it (Recruiting new members? Activating social media networks? Brainstorming ways to do fundraising? We can help with all this and more!) Bringing our community together with town halls, workshops, and other means of meeting and learning from one another. Defining and working toward EMP goals for the future, both generally and regionally [Infomercial voice] All this AND MORE!

Theory and Practice Committee: NEMPN is proud to partner with The Museum Scholar to publish Theory and Practice, a peer-reviewed journal for emerging museum professionals. Theory and Practice gives all museum professionals a platform to share their research and writings on a broad range of topics relating to museums, libraries and archives. There is no fee to publish, and all articles are free to read. This fantastic resource relies on us, the NEMPN community, to provide the back-end support that makes this journal possible. Please consider volunteering for the NEMPN Theory and Practice Committee. We are looking for a team of peer-reviewers and marketing wizards to help get this project moving.

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