FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NEMPN Elects New Governance Committee and Launches Go Fund Me Campaign

The National Emerging Museum Professional Network is an independent coalition of Emerging Museum Professional Chapters from all over the United States and two international chapters. NEMPN is comprised of an all volunteer board of directors made up of chapter leaders and lead by a vibrant and active Executive Committee. The NEMPN Board is proud to introduce its new President Michelle Epps, Vice President Marcus Harshaw, and Secretary Sarah Groh. Currently the group is actively seeking a Treasurer to complete the organization’s newly formed Governance Committee.
Prior to becoming President, Michelle Epps co-created and co-chaired the Cleveland Emerging Museums Professionals group for 5 years. Under her former title of Executive Committee Chair, Michelle was instrumental in bringing together Emerging Museum Professional Chapters leaders from across the country to create the National EMP Network.
Marcus A. Harshaw is a dynamic, energetic, and innovative leader with experience in museum education, program, and evaluation roles. Marcus recently earned a Master of Arts in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University, and is the founding member of the Cincinnati Emerging Museum Professionals chapter.
Sarah Groh currently holds leadership positions in Guest Operations and Membership departments of San Francisco Bay Area Museums. Her prior roles have ranged from event management to public programs to exhibit design. Sarah is also the President of Bay Area Emerging Museum Professionals.
The National Emerging Museum Professionals Network is actively raising the necessary funds to take the group to the next level by incorporating and filing for 501(c)(3) status. Contributions will help NEMPN become the leading organization that engages museum professionals across all stages of their careers and building vibrant communities of networking, knowledge exchange, and resource sharing. Help make this goal a reality and donate today at
The Exective Committee members are Diane Strand, Keith Lohse, Erika Katayama, Jackie Peterson, Charles Zange, Katherine Mercier, Ellen Lynch, Carl Aldrich, Kassaundra Porres, Nancy Harmon, Brittany Snider, Alex Garcia, Grace Torres, Adrienne Turnbull-Reilly, Kelsey Picken, Rebecca Gomez, Garrett Barmore, Patrick Wittwer, and Erin Murphy. Follow the links for a complete list of General Board Members and Emerging Museum Professional Chapters.
To find out more please visit National Emerging Museum Professionals Network.
Any inquiries can be directed to Michelle Epps at

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