NEMPN 2015 Annual Report

Welcome to an exciting time to be an Emerging Museum Professional!

This Annual Report was put together with much care and will illustrate all the many ways local EMP chapters are serving their local EMP communities and YOU! Professional development, networking, and camaraderie are just a few of the opportunities local chapters offer their respective members. All our EMP chapters are lead by EMPs just like you. They volunteer their time and resources because they are dedicated to creating a community in which EMPs can rely on and flourish in the museum field. Because most chapters are grassroots they are responsive to the needs of the cities and communities in which they are stationed. We hope our Annual Report will show just how instrumental our local chapters are and encourage you to become more involved in YOUR National EMP Network.

Looking to the future

The National EMP Network of the future is one which is adaptable and ever changing as the needs of our field and our world change. That is why it is imperative that the National EMP Network we create today has a structure in place that is flexible enough to accommodate these inevitable changes. NEMPN will seek incorporation and 501(c)(3) IRS Determination in the coming year. We will be improving already existing resources such as our NEMPN blog and communications, and working towards resources that will position us as the leader in all matters pertaining to Emerging Museum Professionals. Resources such as an EMP Journal, Conference Scholarships, Webinars and Webnetworking, and a Resume Swapping Program are on the horizon. We also hope to work closely with established organizations already supporting EMP initiatives to maximize these efforts. These things will not come about easily and we ask for your continued support and engagement to ensure we stay on track in our effort to achieve these goals.

Click here to access NEMPN 2015 Annual Report

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