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Share your job posting with over hundreds of EMPs actively job seeking, 1000+ direct emailed EMPs, and 100+ visitors weekly to our website.

Any EMP can post a job opening for FREE, but we have a few requirements.

In an effort to make the museum hiring process more equitable, we have adopted the following job posting requirements:

  • Paid positions only
  • Must include an accurate salary range
  • Must include the name and title of the person to whom candidates should address applications
  • Must include interview format (panel, one-on-one, group, etc.)
  • We strongly encourage you to accept relevant experience alongside any degree requirements
  • Must include breakdown of hiring process from application to training

This ensures that any open positions posted on our website are both transparent and open to more applicants. If you would like to join us in encouraging other museum association and organizations to adopt this practice, please visit our Salary Range Letter Writing Campaign.