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If there isn’t an EMP Chapter in your city and you would like to start one, please contact NEMPN President, Michelle Epps for more information.

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Eastern Region

Baltimore Emerging Museum Professionals
Chapter Chair: Sean Schumacher
Networking Co-Chairs: Brittany Powell & Megan Hipsley

Boston Emerging Museum Professionals
Chair: Adrienne Turnbull-Reilly

D.C. Emerging Museum Professionals
Co-Chairs: Katie Hoppe & Jason Smith
Social Media Chair: Domonique Williams
Events Chair: Katherine Roper
Professional Development Chair: Stephanie Dabek

NYC Museum Professionals
Chair: Rebecca Kaplan
Queens Chair: Kelsey Brow

Philadelphia Emerging Museum Professionals
Chair: Patrick Wittwer
Museum Council of Greater Philadelphia EMP Committee Members: Stephanie Lampkin,Mike Madeja,Mandi Magnuson-Hung, Mickey Maley,Mikaela Maria,Emma Max,Tarra Raspanti,Theresa Altieri Taplin

Rochester Emerging Museum Professionals
Chairs: Elizabeth Pietrzykowski

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Midwest Region

Chicago Emerging Museum Professionals (CEMP)
Leadership Committee: Nancy Harmon, Paulina Lopez, Paula Santos, Kate Swisher, Jonathan Barnes, and Kristin Emery

Champaign-Urbana EMP
Chair: Breaden Belcher

Cincinnati Emerging Museum Professionals
Chair: Ellen Stedtefeld
Immediate Past President: Marcus Harshaw
Networking Events Vice Chair: Caitlin Tracey-Miller

Cleveland Emerging Museum Professionals
Co-Chairs: Erica Capito & Daniel Rose

Columbus Emerging Museum Professionals 
Leaders: Alex Tebben, Amy Rohmiller, & Erin Haar

Emerging Museum Professionals-St. Louis
Chair: Nicole Smith

Iowa Emerging Museum Professionals
Chair: Brittany Graber
Director, Iowa Museum Association: Cynthia Sweet
Board Member and Iowa EMP Committee Liaison: Nathan Buman

Kansas City Emerging Museum Professionals

Madison Emerging Museum Professionals
Co-Chairs: Angie Glasker and Katie Schumacher

Michigan Emerging Museum Professionals
Leadership Team: Morgan Butts, Nick VanAcker, Patrick Edmond Reynolds, Rachel Chrisolene Allen, and Sara Gross

Emerging Museum Professionals of Nebraska
Leadership Team: Katrina Huebner, Caroline Keller, and Jone Catchings

North Star Connect (Minneapolis–Saint Paul)
President: Ellen Lynch

Northwest Ohio Emerging Museum Professionals
Leadership Team: Katrina Huebner, Caroline Keller, and Jone Catchings

Youngstown-Warren Emerging Museum Professionals
Chair: Amber Tisdale

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Southeast Region

Atlanta Emerging Museum Professionals
Leaders: Katie Ericson, Gianelli Lopez, Emily Knight, Richard Harker, & Michelle Lopez

New Orleans Emerging Museum Professionals
Co-Chairs: Monique Tourres and Tiffany Charles

Miami Emerging Museum Professionals
Board Members: Alex Garcia, Grace Torres, Eliza Gonzalez, Joseph Quinones, Andrew Nelson, and Rachael Richerson

Tallahassee Emerging Museum Professionals
Co-Chairs: Mary Fernandez and Lydia Nabors

Memphis Emerging Museum Professionals
Co-Chairs: Jody Stokes-Casey & Grace Stewart
Secretary: Kimberly Bradshaw

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Southwest Region

Austin Emerging Museum Professionals
Chair: Rebecca Gomez

Arizona Emerging Museum Professionals
Leadership Team: Celina Coleman, Niki Cuccinotto, Nancy Greenwood, Allison Lester, Nate Meyers, and Katie Rush

Denver Area Emerging Museum Professionals
Co-Chairs: Gillian Armstrong & Giustina Renzoni

Northern Nevada Muse Pros
Co-Chairs: Samantha Szesciorka & Garrett Barmore

San Antonio Emerging Museum Professionals
Co-Chairs: Kimberly Mirelez and Erin Murphy

Utah Emerging Museum Professionals
Chair: Katie Conrad

Wyoming Emerging Museum Professionals
Chair: Corinne Gordon

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Western Region

Alaska Emerging Museum Professionals
Chair: Della Hall

Bay Area Emerging Museum Professionals
President: Sarah Groh
Vice President: Emily Holm
Secretary: Brittany Dever
Event Chair:  Diana Kapsner
Board Members: Babe Liberman, Stephanie Amon, Peter Macfarlane, Gina Marioni, April Hodges

Central Coast Emerging Museum Professionals
Chair: Eva Ulz (Fina)

EMP Los Angeles
President: Brooke Applegate
Vice President: Sarah Charleton
Secretary: Bradley Peacock
Advisory Board: Kelsey Picken, Joseph Harper, and Andrew Westover

PDX Emerging Museum Professionals
Chair: Keith Lohse

Puget Sound Emerging Museum Professionals
Co-Chairs: Diane StrandKassaundra Farooq, and Stephanie Mohr

San Diego Emerging Museum Professionals
President: Kristen Mihalko
Vice President: Laura Lover
Secretary: Caitlin Wion
Interim Treasurer and Advisory Committee Member: Stephanie Malyn
Communications Co-Chairs: Julia Falkowski & Amanda Lopez
Membership Co-Chairs: Manny Aguilar & Shira Bogin
Membership Committee Members: Robert Low & Marisa Nolan
Programming Co-Chairs: Giovanna Anaya & Sharleen Eusebio
Programming Committee Member: Tanya Aubin
Advisory Committee: Dia Basset

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Regional Museum Association EMP Groups

NEMA Young & Emerging Museum Professionals (YEPs) 
Co-Chairs: Monika Bernotas ,Scarlett Hoey

Co-Chairs: James Quint and Lauren Shenfeld

Co-Chairs: Erin Brown and Kristin Martin

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International Groups

Dublin Emerging Museum Professionals
President Melissa Collins, Vice President Gillian Whelan, Communications Chair Melanie Whelan

Emerging Museum Professionals London + Europe
Chair: Jenny Judova

Ontario Emerging Museum Professionals
Lisa Terech, Oshawa – Chair
Will Hollingshead, Sault Saint Marie – Vice Chair
Emma Tennier-Stuart, Guelph – Secretary
Madeline Smolarz, Collingwood – Communications Chair
Elisabeth Boekhoven, Ottawa – Conference and Programs Co-Chair
Diane Pellicone, Toronto – Conference and Programs Co-Chair
Codie Kish, Newbury – Member At Large
Angela Olano, Waterloo – Member At Large
Michael Rikley-Lancaster, Almonte – Member At Large
Alison Ward, Ottawa – Member At Large