Call for NEMPN Committee Members (2021-2023)

The Board of National Emerging Museum Professionals Network (NEMPN) is excited to release our call for committee members for 2021-2023. NEMPN works with the active assistance of its committees which address administrative issues for the organization, investigate and advise the organization on advocacy and professional development efforts, and support initiatives that enhance EMPs in their career.

Committee members serve for 2 year terms (2021-2023). committee. Descriptions of committee activities can be found below. Each committee will have a different time commitment depending on the project being taken on and agreed upon collectively by the committee. We are looking at approx. 15-20  hours a month! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sierra Polisar and Sierra Van Ryck deGroot, Co-Presidents, at

Advocacy Committee: NEMPN’s Advocacy Committee is responsible for championing and working towards meeting the NEMPN Board and community’s advocacy goals through a variety of channels. The primary focus of this committee in 2021-2022 will be around labor issues in the museum field, specifically unpaid internships and salary transparency. Those who advocate must collaborate, and we need your creativity, determination, and pure awesomeness to get our projects off the ground. Join our Advocacy Committee and help us change the industry, one project at a time.

Communications Committee: NEMPN’s Communications Committee is looking for writers, graphic designers, social media savvy people, and anybody who’s interested in promoting the amazing work of EMPs and their chapters across our network. Assist with our social media presence, our membership platform, our monthly newsletter, press releases, and marketing everything that makes EMPs awesome!

Community Committee: NEMPN’s Community Committee builds and strengthens connections between EMPs in all locations. We’re looking for EMPs to help with assessing our community support needs, bringing people together in town halls and workshops, advocating for self-care initiatives, and defining new EMP goals moving forward.

Conference Committee: NEMPN’s Conference Committee is responsible for forging and strengthening EMPs’ presence at conference, regionally and nationally. Perhaps you have attended a conference here and there, but you felt as if EMPs weren’t represented. Maybe you are just now researching what museum conferences you want to attend. Join our committee to secure networking opportunities, create session proposals, and foster an accessible environment for EMPs in the field.

Finance and Fundraising Committee: NEMPN’s Finance Committee is seeking members to support this 501(c)3 organization! Members of this committee will create and carry out a Fund Development Plan for the 2021-2022 year. We hope to use this plan to get advocacy initiatives off the ground, and provide more value overall to NEMPN.

Governance Committee: NEMPN’s Governance Committee oversees the organization’s policies and procedures. This include reviewing and making recommendations to the organization’s bylaws and chapter guide; evaluating and editing the mission, vision, and values statements; and audit chapter bylaws underneath the Family tier. Apply today to be a part of guiding the direction of the organization.

Publications Committee: NEMPN’s Publications Committee is imagining exciting new signature projects, including new publications that center diverse EMP voices, work, issues, and interests. We are seeking creative, energetic individuals with a passion for the sharing of knowledge, with interest in the following areas of work: contributing ideas for publication topics, themes, and directions; aiding the search for and selection of writers and contributors; content editing and copyediting; graphic design; and marketing and distribution.