Assistant Program Manager $20.00/Hour

Position Title
Assistant Program Manager

Hiring Institution
Children’s Creativity Museum

City, State
San Francisco, CA

Salary/Hourly Compensation

Position Description
The Assistant Program Manager assists the Program Manager in the management of museum operations and public programs. The Assistant Program Manager assesses and fulfills staffing needs while functioning as a Floor Coordinator and Team Leader to Floor Staff.

Preferred Degree in Area of Study

Quantified Level of Education vs. Years of Experience is Preferred 
Bachelors and 0-3 years experience in the field

Interested in
Applicants who can start right away, A candidate that fits the organization’s internal culture

Full Time non-Traditional Schedule (evenings, weekends, varies week to week)

Benefits Include
Health Insurance, Paid Vacation, Advancement opportunities, Raises (annual, cost of living, performance based, etc.), Professional Development Opportunities (conferences, webinars, coaching, etc.), Workplace Mentor, Paid Sick/Personal Days, Paid parental leave, Team Building Activities

Management Styles of the Organization (you can find the descriptions of each style by following this link):

Closing Date 

Resumes should be sent to
Please email your cover letter and resume to with the
following subject line: (Your First & Last Name – Assistant Program Manager Position)

Include the following with your resume
Cover Letter

Interview Process
Phone interview, Face to Face interview, and final Panel Interview.

Interview Follow Up 
It’s okay to email if we haven’t gotten back to applicants in the time we said we would

Please do not call or drop in to inquire about this position.

Applicants will be notified if they do not get the job and notified if the decision is taking longer than anticipated

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