EMPs at Western Museum Association Conference

#WMA2017 will be held in Edmonton, Alberta this year.

As we all know, the field of museum work is continuously progressing, and you, as an emerging museum professional, are essential to these new ideas that are taking form. As an EMP you are faced with many unique challenges – mastering museum skill-sets, the current economic climate, increased competition, all while new trends are continuously emerging. There is certainly a lot to keep up with!

With this idea of the future in mind, the Western Museum Association’s (WMA) 2017 Annual Meeting Program Committee determined the many forward-thinking presentations within the over 40 overall sessions. Based the theme of UNITE, WMA 2017 will focus on the ways museums can unite across sectors, across communities, and across borders to work towards innovative and inclusive solutions to shared concerns. These sessions are broken out into seven interdisciplinary tracks including, Business, Collections, Community Engagement, Indigenous, Leadership, Technology, and Visitor Experience.  Much like many of the roles within your own institutions, each session incorporates multiple perspectives from across museum disciplines.

So why should you attend?

WMA 2017 will be a great opportunity for you to meet and network with colleagues and each other, in particular during the EMP Meetup, Speed Networking, #drinkingaboutmuseums, and multiple networking breakfasts and breaks. The sessions themselves have been thoroughly peer-reviewed and represent the most relevant and exciting topics in museums.

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See the 2017 Annual Meeting Preliminary Program

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